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Eleven E’s to Spiritual Enrichment

This is from a book I am working on called The Eleven E's of Spiritual Enrichment. Often good orderly direction will connect us back to our source and then we can find our way. These eleven e's facilitate this reconnection process and add grace and ease to our lives.​

1.   Establish a direction   

2.   Engage the observer

3.   Encounter resistance 

4.   Express your authenticity


5.   Examine values and beliefs 


6.   Explore what resonates


7.   Enact a Daily practice  


8.   Embark on a healing path

9.   Eliminate the victim  

10. Embrace responsibility  


11. Exercise conscious creation   

Make a decision, create intentions.

​Watch yourself. Awaken to your observer.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a law. What is slowing the movement in your new direction?

Discover your authentic self and let it speak.

Now that your authentic self has a voice, what are your core values and beliefs. Are they really yours?

Trust your intuition and see where you are called. Explore the result.

​Daily reading, meditation, regular prayer, affirmation and/or movement.
​Heal illusions, heal emotional issues, heal fears.

Look at your life’s drama through a new pair of glasses.

You are cause in the matter. Make choices, and create possibility.

Choose your thoughts, select your emotional current, manifest your life.

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