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Fred Haas

My mission is to rally people, that have temporarily gone off course, to remember who they are and remind them why they are here so that they can affect their own lives, and make a difference in the world.
I have spent enough time wandering around lost in the wilderness myself. My exploration process led me back to the realization of who I am. What a relief to break through the clutter and confusion of the life I unconsciously created for myself. How empowering it is to know I can choose differently today and to have those choices reflect not only who I really am but also how I want to live my life.
I can walk this path alongside you. You too can find yourself again, remember who you are and live the life you are meant to live.
Professional information

I am trained as a civil engineer and I have spent over 30 years doing engineering work. For as long as I can remember the theme of National Engineer's week has been "Engineers - Turning Dreams into Reality". As an engineer we create a plan for our client's vision. We put it on paper, make sure it follows the governing laws and, use our experience, training, logic and creativity to design all facets of the plan. We strive for a plan that is practical, constructable, and affordable which realizes or exceeds our client's original vision.

Many of these skills translate easily into my coaching work, and together we can make your dreams a reality. My training as a coach has enhanced my natural ability to listen, reflect and reframe events or perceptions so that you can see them from a new perspective. This opens a way from the old into the new and it is in this new and unknown world you can create the life you want.


Besides my work with clients, I teach coaching at Crossroads Recovery Coaching and I am the current President of the Board of Directors for Recovery Coaches International.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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